Around Ann Arbor

Eat Local
Real Time Farms is a website that provides info on local farms, farmer's markets and locally sourced restaurants. You can literally look at a restaurant's menu and see which ingredients are from around Ann Arbor!

Every Friday morning, 6:30-10 a.m. at the home of Lisa Gottlieb and Jeff McCabe. If you have never been, it is a truly amazing experience. Great people, cause, food, and atmosphere.
722 Soule Blvd.

People's Food Co-op
216 N. 4th Ave

Cafe Verde
214 N. 4th Ave

Silvio's Organic Pizza
715 N. University Ave
80% local in the winter and 90% local in the summer. Wow.

110 S. Main St

Jolly Pumpkin
311 S. Main St

Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory
I emailed them over the summer asking about where they buy their corn from and "the corn comes from a farm in Ohio, 120 miles from Ann Arbor." Not to mention that it is non-GMO and they don’t use bleachers, softeners, preservatives or colorants.

A catering company that is committed to beautiful, tasty, locally-sourced food. They also have a food cart at the AA farmer's market!

Pilar's Tamales
2261 W Liberty
Traditional Saldoran cuisine that has quite a popular food stand at the AA farmer's market. Seasonally flavored tamales? Yes please.

RoosRoast Coffee
Obviously not locally grown coffee beans but locally roasted instead! They are currently at about 80-90% fair trade, depending on the specific roast, but they are working towards 100% fair trade/organic. You can buy their coffee at every Ann Arbor farmer's market as well as a few local businesses, including Cafe Verde and Sparrow Market.

Glass House Cafe
Palmer Commons
University of Michigan
100 Washtenaw Avenue
Plaza Level (3rd Floor)

REDUCE your waste by REUSING
Kiwanis Thrift Sale
Corner of First & Washington
Only open Saturday mornings 9am-12pm but it's a great resource for cheap, unpackaged goods.

Salvation Army
1621 S. State St

The Getup
215 S. State St