Saturday, April 16, 2011

Unity Vibrations Kombucha and other pretty things

I have been playing around with bacteria again, surprise surprise. I have been attempting to make kombucha for about 2 months now and I cannot seem to get it right! I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and it's very very frustrating. Luckily, there is a Brew-Your-Own Kombucha workshop this Thursday that I am very excited to go to (thank goodness for the Ann Arbor Free Skool...)!

Straight chillin above my fridge.

But while I wait, I am very happily sipping on Unity Vibrations Kombucha! I fell in love with this stuff last summer and the Kombucha Scare of 2010 (when all kombucha had to be taken off the shelves because the alcohol content was too high bahaha) was a very dark time in my life. Unity Vibration's kombucha is made by a couple that live in Ann Arbor (this is the cutest love story in the world) and they use local ingredients from the AA farmers' market which I am obviously in total support of!

As the kombucha started coming back on the shelves after a change in the fermentation process that prevents the formation of alcohol, I still could not find the UV kombucha for the life of me! Until 2 weeks ago. Apparently UV did not want to change their fermentation process because they believe that it  hurts the bacteria that grows in it so they instead filed to be a beer so they can keep the 1.5% alcohol content! I think that this is hilarious. It also means that they can only be sold at places that have a liquor licence. Meaning not the People's Food Co-op, but instead Everyday Wine! They don't carry my favorite flavor, Cranberry-Clementine, but I am working on that ;)

Moving on to the other pretty things...

Freezing fruit and mint in ice cubes!

Because it makes things prettier...

...and who doesn't want to make the world a little prettier?

Already gone :(

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