Monday, May 30, 2011

Quick update on my life [vlog] ch-ch-ch-check it out

Oh and I forgot to mention that I am pumped to essentially to be living on fresh coconuts and avocados. And all those other amazing fruits that are native to Hawaii! Aww snap.


  1. how cool! this is such a great idea -- i enjoyed your video. Coconuts and avocados -- i'm so jealous!!

  2. love love love your video. take some in hawaii

  3. Samantha,
    Great video. You're always so cute. But more importantly, you have such a great mission. Others we know are doing similar things: Lori Sullivan has started an organic garden at the high school in Dexter; your Aunt Peggy is involved with "Roots and Wisdom" which is another high school organic garden program here in Schenectady. We love your ideas and "purpose in action". Have a great time in Hawaii!