Saturday, October 16, 2010

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

Carrot. Celery. Pea sprouts.

I love japanese food. I really really do. You just can't go wrong with ginger, miso, tamari, soba noodles... And sea vegetables! Don't think you're familiar with sea veggies? You probably are and just don't realize it! If you've ever eaten sushi you have encountered the most popular form of sea vegetable: Nori. But it does not stop there, just like land vegetables there is a wide variety of their sea siblings. Hiziki, kombu, wakame...

Problems that are too obvious not to mention:
A: NOT LOCAL! I'm living off a decently large supply that I luckily already stocked up on pre-challenge. Yes, Eden is a Made in Michigan brand, however it advertises right on the package how the hiziki is "harvested from pristine waters off eastern Japan" and the arame is "cultivated off the environmentally protected west shore of Ise Bay."
B: Terribly wasteful packaging. At least based off of the one's in my cupboard which contain about 1-2 oz. per package...

But until my stock runs out, they're salty, delicious and oh so good for you.

Think of this recipe as sushi 101. There is no specific recipe for sushi because you can roll up just about anything! Be creative, try a bunch of variations and you'll find out your own preference.

5 c brown rice, cooked*
1/4 c rice vinegar (for 5 c rice, use 1/4 c vinegar)*
1 T sugar (optional)*
1 t salt*
fresh vegetables (cucumbers, peppers, sprouts...)
steamed vegetables (asparagus, sweet potato...)

Mix together the rice vinegar, sugar, and salt and pour over rice.
Prepare your add-ins: slice veggies, marinate tofu, cook other veggies...
Place a sheet of nori on a bamboo sushi mat and spoon on/spread rice until about 2/3 of the sheet is covered.
Place your add-ins in the middle of the sheet.
Roll it up! (This is surprisingly challenging. Check out this video for tips!)
Cut the rolls into 2 inch pieces using a wet, SHARP knife. If you don't have a sharp knife (which I don't...) you may have to resort to a very-little-pressure, sawing method.

Serve with any of the following: soy sauce, wasabi, toasted sesame seeds, chopped green onions, pickled ginger, hot sauce...

*These measurements are more for proportional reasons. So unless you want to end up with many rolls of sushi,  make less than 5 c of rice and decrease other measurements proportionally.

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  1. Beautiful Photos. pea sprouts are so pretty. I watched the video. Very good tip to wet your fingers and knife