Friday, October 1, 2010

Pickle Party

September 1st was a day of pickle making and today, October 1st, one month later is a day of pickle eating!

Hadas and Marcy and the pickles! Hurray!

Our patience has been well rewarded and we finally get to enjoy the fruits of our labor!
Thanks Teddy for your wisdom and family recipe


  1. I love the photo. twist Teddy arm to share his recipe.

  2. Very happy to help!! I'm lovin the blog, though I should correct you on one thing. Your Pickle Party was, in fact, a Tourshi Party (Yaya would be disappointed in me were I not to assert my armenian-ness here).

    Demiter, I'd be happy to share the recipe. It's very simple. The brine is just vinegar (we used inexpensive white vinegar), salt and water. Boiling brine is added to the veggies with a clove of garlic and a sprig of dill in each jar. You could use pickling spices or alum (for crispness) but we didn't. I can email the details if you'd like.

    I wanna be invited to the next pizza party!

  3. Another very important ingredient: a Hungarian pepper!

  4. Deeeelish!

    I <3 Tourshi Parties

    Next time lets make a jar solely crammed with hot hot hot peppers!