Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Ann Arbor is truly a special city. There are not many places in Michigan that is embracing localization like we have.

At the beginning of my challenge I had thought that there would be little more than some gosh darn home cooked meals for me for quite a while but having stepped into the local foods culture I am learning that there is more than peas and carrots being sold at the farmer's market and certain establishments may have values that are pretty aligned with my own. I think that I know all of the players in this movement but nevertheless they just keep poppin up! And each time I learn about that new locally-sourced, sustainably-made product or conscious business, I a) get super jazzed, and b) want to join in!

I have about a dozen business cards and flyers from said places pinned to my bulletin board and I am really looking forward to talk about them all in due time (for a quick peek, check out my A2 Highlights) but the purpose of this post is to gush over EAT, a fairly new Ann Arbor catering company.

Let's EAT!
I had been eying the food cart for the last two weeks, slowly building up the courage to figure out if I could make the jump from intrigued passerby to consumer. This past Saturday it happened, I indulged. But not without a little research first. Walking past that cart time and again I had acquired 2 business cards, a sticker, and a Thanksgiving menu, with no further pursuit. But glancing at the menu left me wanting more. When I see references to the specific farms that produce comes from my heart skips a beat. To the Internet!

This is the point that I learned that EAT is not just a food cart at the farmer's market, it's a catering company committed beautiful, delicious, locally-sourced food. Helen Harding and Blake Reetz are carrying out such a wonderful mission in this business and it really makes me yearn to be apart of it.

Warm veggies on a cold morning really do hit the spot.
Photo Credit: The boy who lives downstairs

The food cart, that hits up the Ann Arbor farmer's market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, is more of a traveling slider joint. The chalk written sign in front of the grill boasts four burgers, made from four different locally-grown animals, that are far from traditional (Korean BBQ with The Brinery kimchee? Bison sloppy joes?...).

However, I went with the grilled veggie pita (surprise surprise). Grilled eggplant, onions and bell peppers, topped with mustard greens and wrapped in a pita. Also, with the option of (meaning typically served with) raita, an Indian-inspired yogurt sauce. Not the most inventive vegetarian meal but who can really complain when you know that it is locally-sourced, organically-grown and tasty!

EAT, you have found a fan in me. Of your food and your practices. If you need any extra hands, I got two and they love to cook! And perhaps you can let me in on that tahini sweet potato salad recipe that I see on your menu?


  1. Hey thanks Sam! Someone forwarded a link to you posting and we SO appreciate the kudos. Feel free to introduce yourself next time.

    EAT (Helen and Blake)

  2. You should check out eat's menu on Real Time to see how fabulously local they are!