Monday, February 28, 2011

The Chicago Diner

I'm currently in Chicago with Matt and Marcy staying with some friends that go to Columbia. The one place that Marcy and I wanted to visit was the Chicago Diner. Despite the semi-misleading name, they have been meat-free since '83, featuring diner-style vegetarian fare. Here's a little snippet from their menu:

"Meat free dining is a more sustainable, eco-conscious choice & promotes better health. Awareness of the inhumane conditions of factory farming & vivisection is growing. We support animal rights & care organizations & encourage choosing our vegan menu options. We are now featuring organic or hormone free dairy options, from local farms."
And a little more:

All vegetarian, Very vegan menu
Trans fat free, vegan bakery
Locally grown, select organic produce
Cane sugar & other natural sugars
Fair trade organic coffee
Waste oil donated for biodioesel use
Container recycling
Eco-friendly to-go containers & bags
Organic cotton t-shirts, Bamboo hats
Recycled paper for printing
Local & regional vegan craft beers
Bio-dynamic, sustainable wines
Chicago Soy Dairy Temptation Ice Cream
Daiya Vegan Cheese
Gluten free options
Cage free organic eggs
100% real maple syrup
Multipure water filtration

Gotta love it ;)

We had dinner here on Friday night and it was overwhelmingly amazing. Marcy and I split the Signature Salad and an Avocadonnaise Cheezeberger (quite the name, I know). Anyways just Marcy and I decided to return for lunch yesterday because they really know how to flip one heck of a vegan burger.

The house seitan burger made with corn, peppers &
onions, topped with melted cheeze, lettuce, onion,
tomato & guacamole-Vegannaise sauce.
With a side of Mac n' Cheeze.

A house made veggie patty with Upton’s seitan bacon,
lettuce, tomato & vegan BBQ-mayo, topped with
french fried onions on a multi-grain bun.
With a side of Mac n' Cheeze.

featuring Temptation frozen dessert by Chicago Soy Dairy.
I want to bathe in this. So friggin' amazing.

Marcy looking hungry and excited:

I just thought the name "Karmic Re-Alignment Sauce" was too funny...

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