Monday, December 6, 2010


I've always been intrigued by pickled and fermented food. Maybe it is just the science nerd in me coming out. I worked in a biochemistry lab for 2 years, I know how to grow bacteria cultures!

Yet I never made the plunge. I have made pickled food before (thanks Teddy!) but it never became a regular thing for me. It was more of an event. However I had a red cabbage in my fridge and I've been spending a bit of time looking up cabbage recipes (yes, I do spend a fair amount of time reading food blogs...) and it is time. It is time to experiment with sauerkraut. My own bacteria cultures to grow and love!

The video that changed my mind is of Sandor Katz, fermentation guru and author of Wild Fermentation:

So it's preeeetty basic.

  1. Create surface area
  2. Salt
  3. Massage
  4. Pack
So here we go...

Red Cabbage Sauerkraut
1 red cabbage (1)
Any other vegetable of choice (i.e. carrots, onions, garlic...)
Really good coarse salt

Quarter and core cabbage.
Shred cabbage and grate/shred/chop other veggies, if using.
Add lots of salt and start massaging! Not gonna lie, this is a decently long process. Therefore you should put on some good jams, and go to town!
Keep squishing and massaging until a lot of liquid is released.

Stuff into a glass or ceramic container (yes, the material is important: no metal or plastic) making sure that the veggies are below the released liquids.
Sauerkraut Day #1

If the veggies are above the liquids then boil salt and water and add to the container.
Keep in a warmer area and let sit until it tastes right!

WARNING: If you are keeping the kraut in a closed container, open it every day or so to release the pressure that is naturally produced in the fermenting process. If not you may create a sauerkraut bomb!

Check the kraut every day to make sure that the veggies are below the brine and that mold isn't growing. If it is growing it is stil a-ok, just remove the mold and keep on fermentin.

Enjoy the sauerkraut throughout it's life. The taste will change the longer it sits!

(1) Tantre Farm

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  1. sauerkraut bomb! dont give your brother any ideas.
    looks easy. I'll try it.